For over thirty years, Adelman & Co has earned a reputation
for combining creativity and bottom-line economics
into acclaimed Nightlife projects worldwide

nocturnal admissions


“With his 30 years of experience running the world’s biggest nightclubs, Steve Adelman takes you behind the velvet rope to a world of celebrity, power, debauchery, and, most of all, fun. With his dishy yarns and observational humor, he transports you so you’re right there basking under the lights of a disco ball with him.” —Kevin Fallon, Daily Beast

Nocturnal Admissions takes a timely, non-conventional look at one of Pop Culture’s most outwardly glamorous, yet misunderstood industries, bringing the reader backstage to experience nightlife as few have seen it. Wearing the multiple hats of ringmaster, entrepreneur, guidance counselor, million-dollar deal maker and dance music pioneer, Steve reveals that the key to survival lies not with being the ruthless conqueror of this winner-take-all ‘World at Night’, but the ability to keep it all in perspective, apply lessons learned and never loose one’s sense of humor along the way.